Hi Links family! We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Shine Winter Healthcare Appeal.
We believe in the fundamental right of access to a life of health and wellbeing that shouldn't be dependant on where you happen to be born. Part of God’s Kingdom that Jesus demonstrated, was that people should be made whole physically. We believe that all health and healing, whether miraculous or through medical science and knowledge, ultimately comes from God. So as an organisation connecting with people making an impact all around the world, one of the key areas that we find ourselves working into is that of health and well-being. Through incredible advances in medical science it is clear that a world where major sicknesses and diseases are being confronted and eradicated is finally possible.

Over the years, Links has had the privilege of impacting untold lives and communities across the globe through our healthcare training and projects.
We see hope lighting up communities
We see hope lighting up communities through our healthcare training that over the years has caused massive prevention of all manner of sicknesses and diseases. For this reason, we call our healthcare training, ‘The SHINE programme’ - SHINE being an acronym for Sanitation, Hygiene, Immunisation, Nutrition and Empowerment.  

We work in direct relationship with our partners
As with all our different training programmes, the way that our SHINE training is carried out is in direct relationship with partners working into communities all around the world. Whether in person or digitally, or oftentimes a mixture of both, our training sessions will cover the whole SHINE syllabus. Whilst we make this open to the whole community, the training is tailored towards preparing a core team of committed community influencers to become voluntary healthcare workers. Links then helps this team discover how they can bring positive change to the key issues their community is facing.
We believe in sustainability
Links’ healthcare training is sustainable and constantly growing to impact more and more communities. As a result we are seeing communities are not only healthier but also able to independently develop their own healthcare strategies and spread the word to others.
Let's shine together
 Thank you for joining with us and the untold thousands of heroes around the world that Links has the privilege of partnering with. By giving to our appeal, you are enabling our work aroiund the world to continue.

Together we can confront poverty and create potential. Together we can shine.