We believe sustainable freedom from poverty is about giving people a hand up, not a hand out. Micro-enterprise is one way we can give such a hand up.

Links International has established successful micro-enterprise initiatives across the continents from Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, in Africa; to Colombia and Peru in Latina America and Nepal, India, and The Philippines in Asia. An adaptable training programme, the careful selection of local administrators, and ongoing support and advice has resulted in a very high loan repayment rate.

Business training is given to selected candidates who have shown an interest. On producing a workable business plan, they can apply for a business loan from the local administrators. With this, they can start a new business which will generate sufficient income to break free from the cycle of poverty. Once the original loan is repaid, the money is recycled, giving others the same opportunity.

Micro-Enterprise achieves so much more than simply providing income for food, clothing and education. It empowers, restores dignity, and ensures sustainable poverty relief.

If you’d like to help with some Micro-Enterprise training and visit this inspiring work, please contact us!

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