We believe that the right to health and well being should not be based on where you happen to be born. Part of God’s Kingdom as demonstrated by Jesus, was that people should be made whole physically. We believe in God’s power to heal and to keep people from getting ill in the first place. Through incredible advances in medical science it is clear that people’s access to a world where major sicknesses and diseases are being confronted and eradicated is finally possible.

Over the years, Links has seen thousands of lives changed and hundreds of communities transformed. It’s come about through the training our teams have done, empowering community influencers in healthcare. We call this training ‘The SHINE Programme’, SHINE being an acronym for Sanitation, Hygiene, Immunisation, Nutrition and Empowerment.

Our training is open to the whole community, but tailored towards training a core team of committed community influencers to become voluntary healthcare workers. Links helps this team discover how they can bring positive change to the key issues their community is facing. Where appropriate, we enhance the training of existing healthcare professionals.

Links’ healthcare training is sustainable. Over a period of five training trips, usually carried out over the course of two years, communities are not only healthier but also able to independently develop their own healthcare strategies and spread the word to others.

Business Development

We believe sustainable freedom from poverty is about giving people a hand up, not a hand out. Micro-enterprise is one way we can give such a hand up.

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