Our Impact

What so often appears to be our seemingly insignificant offering, has brought transformation to multitudes. With Links now working into approximately 60 nations, we have been privileged to see many thousands of families set free from poverty and entire communities transformed.


Communities where infant mortality rates were innumerable have been totally changed through our Community Healthcare teams and projects. Communities are walking in a much greater level of health both physically and mentally. Mothers and fathers are no longer having to bury their babies because of malnutrition or easily preventable water-borne diseases.


From Latin America, to Africa, the Middle East to Asia, we have been privileged to work with local leaders both learning from their expertise and being able to impart skills in the areas of education and leadership development. As everything rises and falls on leadership we have seen that when the business leaders, church leaders and community leaders get better so do their organisations and spheres of influence.

Over the years we have seen:

• Tens of Thousands of families set free from poverty and stay out of poverty through microenterprise in Africa, Latin America and Asia

• Hundreds of churches established

• Infant mortality rates drop substantially in the communities where Community Healthcare training has been carried out

• Clean water provided for hundreds of families and communities in Africa and Latin America

• Creative Income - Generating Projects empower organisations to become financially selfsustainable

• Leaders developed across the world, bringing long term sustainable transformation

What our partners say

On one occasion when Links CEO Joe Gisbey was in Malawi, one of our partners told us that they regularly have representatives from large organisation such as UNICEF and Save The Children coming and asking them, “Who are your donors? Why do all your projects work so well?”

He informed us that his reply was always the same, “our programs work because of the way that Links will actually sit with us and train us, not just with programs and ideas, but with genuine love and commitment.”

Joe reflected that, "As we prayed together, I felt so honoured and humbled by what God has done through Links. As we have offered what can so often seem like a drop in the ocean to us, He is able to do beyond all we could ask or think.”


With so many charities and movements around the world you may be wondering why you should connect with us? What is so different about Links?

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We are passionate about joining together to confront poverty, creating potential and connecting with amazing heroes all around the world!

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In Links we believe that genuine transformation is possible. We offer solutions to the issues that our partners around the world face.

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Our Team

Find out about the people behind Links Charity!

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Read about our history - from the establishing in 1985 until today!

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