We are passionate about joining together to empower people to join the adventure of confronting poverty, creating potential and connecting with amazing heroes all around the world, through innovative training and projects!

Making Poverty history

Despite people thinking in terms of material wealth, poverty is really any area where there is a breakdown of wholeness. Our world is broken in so many ways and only together can we hope to turn the tide and bring it back to its original design. These breaks are relational in nature and each fracture plays out in systematic forms of poverty:

- Broken relationship with God or Purpose = spiritual poverty

- Broken relationship to self = psychological and physiological poverty

- Broken relationship with one another = sociological poverty

- Broken relationship with the Earth itself = ecological and economic poverty

Sounds pretty bleak right? But, you know what - There is some really good news! We believe that there is nothing that is so broken, that God cannot fix it and He chooses to do this healing through us. We believe that there is a new world being formed in the shell of the old! We believe that no matter what nationality, colour, creed or economic background, we can work together to bring things back into right relationship and see the brokenness become whole.


With so many charities and movements around the world you may be wondering why you should connect with us? What is so different about Links?

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In Links we believe that genuine transformation is possible. We offer solutions to the issues that our partners around the world face.

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Our Impact

Over the years we have seen numerous examples of modern day versions of the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes!

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Our Team

Find out about the people behind Links Charity!

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Read about our history - from the establishing in 1985 until today!

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