With so many charities and movements around the world you may be wondering why should you connect with us? What is so different about Links?

In essence we want to turn mission and international development right-side up! Unlike so many out there, rather than asking you to just ‘give us your cash’ and invest in what we are already doing - our passion in Links is to serve you to jump right in and to engage in the adventure in strategic and meaningful ways. We want to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and togetherchange the world!

We have a culture of:

• Empowerment

• Relationships

• Holistic Solutions

• Transformation

• Fun and Adventure


We are passionate about joining together to confront poverty, creating potential and connecting with amazing heroes all around the world!

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In Links we believe that genuine transformation is possible. We offer solutions to the issues that our partners around the world face.

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Our Impact

Over the years we have seen numerous examples of modern day versions of the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes!

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Our Team

Find out about the people behind Links Charity!

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Read about our history - from the establishing in 1985 until today!

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