Grace's Legacy Lives On

October 3, 2023

Thank you so much to those of you who have given generously to Grace Barnes' Memorial Fund. Through your generosity and Grace's legacy, many lives have been impacted.

The money given for Grace's Memorial Fund has gone to our longstanding partners in Chennai, India - Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association. As part of their work, they run a young women's training centre and hostel.

The Young Women's Hostel and Training Centre is a safe haven for underprivileged young women from nearby villages who also study at the IIDA Skills Academy. It has been a great blessing to have this space that they can provide for vulnerable young women. The campus has been built with money given by donors and the new part of the campus was specifically built with funds that were given from Links for Grace's Memorial Fund.

With the money raised, the following work has been done:

- Roots removed from bathroom wall.
- Replacement of bathroom and kitchen doors.
- New flooring in bathroom.
- Old wire support beams removed in bathroom.
- Wash basins in the bathroom have been improved and painted. Taps and pipes have been replaced.
- New bathroom roof.

Your generosity towards this fund has helped create a safe, comfortable and dignified environment, enabling the young women to study and stay with our partners. This enables them to thrive and pursue their dreams.

We know Grace would be so happy to see the impact that the money raised has had. Her legacy is living on and continuing to impact and empower the lives of many.

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