Legacy Giving

February 1, 2023

If you are already a Links supporter, thank you! Have you thought about leaving a lasting legacy to Links, so that our work and the projects you already support can continue to benefit long into the future?

We want to share with you some different ways that you can leave a lasting legacy. Our corporate partner, Cameron James Legal, can advise on writing wills that reflect your legacy to us here at Links.

Legacy gifts to charity can make an incredible difference!

A gift of £25,000 to Links could:
- See 500 businesses started through our MED programme
- Pay for 3,500 mosquito nets to protect vulnerable people from malaria
- Provide 550 water filter kits to give clean water to many and save lives
- Train 550 Community Healthcare workers

How you can leave a gift to Links in your Will:
- Give a share of your estate. This means that Links receives a percentage of the value of your estate after any debts and expenses have been paid.
- Give a specific sum of money. This means your Will specifies an exact sum you would like to leave to Links.
- Give a specific item. For example: jewellery, property, a piece of art, a vehicle or shares.

Ron Gray recently left a substantial amount to Links in his Will. Laurie Mellor, his financial advisor and friend, tells us how Ron came to make the decision:

"I first met Ron in 1997 when I became his Financial Advisor. We shared a love of cricket. Over the years we became friends, sharing meals together as well as regular reviews of his investments. Ron would often take overseas trips as he disliked the English winters. I had mentioned my regular trips to India with Links and he asked if he could accompany us. I explained what the trip involved and that we would be visiting churches as well as business projects, but he was happy with that. Ron loved India. He played golf and did some cricket coaching and even made the local press! The contrast between great wealth and great poverty had a profound effect on him and led him to making a substancial legacy to Links in his Will."

This money continues to make a huge difference in the lives of so many and we are so thankful to Ron for his generous gift. His legacy lives on.

Start your legacy journey today, so that lives can be changed long into the future.

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