Never Thirst Again

June 30, 2022

The entire month of June, our Links USA Office have decided to focus on water filters and projects. Our goal is to distribute 1000 water solutions by the end of 2022. It’s our mission to live out the verse in John 4:14, where Jesus says, “Whoever drinks the water I give them will NEVER THIRST AGAIN,” and that is what we want for our entire Links Family around the world as well.

Having easy access to clean and safe water changes people’s entire lives. Not having to worry about finding water every day allows people to work more, stay healthy, and be able to take better care of their families and the communities they live in.

These water filters we are advocating for all month will go to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and even into Southern Asia, where we are seeing these water projects literally bring the gospel to places it hasn’t gone before. That is amazing and very, very good news!!

Here are a few recent stories from our partners that have benefited from water filters and projects:


Some amazing things are happening in Asia simply by providing clean water!

Next to each water pump our partners have built in Pakistan, they always add a sign that quotes our #NEVERTHIRSTAGAIN verse.

In many places we have funded water projects, clean water has also become a bridge to a new church being planted. $75 not only gives a water filter or sends funds for a water project, it is also planting a church in an unreached community that has not had previous access to the Gospel. In South Asia, 7 new churches were added in the last year.

Your generosity is bringing more than just water to these villages, it is bringing light, life, and the true "Living Water".


"Across low-income countries, women and girls have the primary responsibility for management of household water supply, sanitation and health. Often, fulfilling these roles precludes any other occupation or participation in education, and their marginalization is compounded by the indignity and insecurity of having nowhere private to go to the toilet. In many countries, the presence or absence of a safe and sufficient water supply and improved sanitation facilities has a disproportionate effect on the lives of women and girls." -

Water pumps and filter kits are being placed in these villages to not only provide safe and easy access to clean drinking water (which saves lives), but also to protect women from being vulnerable to sex trafficking while they walk alone to collect water at water sources. Additionally, community healthcare trainings are taking place regularly in order to continue bring this basic need to those who need it most. (widow and child image)

"We didn't have access to drinking water. We used to walk and get water, and that wasn't enough, so we used to drink a little and save the water to avoid another long walk to get water. Now we have access to water at our home and we use it as much as we want." - Widow and Mother to 9 orphan girls)


Oasis is a small community of people, situated just about 10 miles east of San Salvador, in the town of Santo Tomás. It is inhabited mostly by day labourers, street vendors, and masons, among other types of work which situates them in a challenging position, in an already challenging economy. Despite its name, Oasis inhabitants don’t have access to running water in their own homes, but rather rely on common water taps distributed around the community. Even so, water is scarce and it’s not supplied continuously throughout the day, but rather just a few times a week.

People have to collect and save their water for regular uses: drinking, cooking, and washing. Even though they have some access to water, the community water system is really old and in bad condition, resulting in bad water. These filtration kits are also going to help their economy, as sometimes inhabitants would need to save up money in order to buy drinking water, and reserve the ones they have for other uses. It will also provide benefits to the overall health of children, adults, and the elderly. Buying drinking water will not need to be a priority now. These water kits are a huge blessing for all of these families that struggle with everyday challenges. Around 450 people/120 households will benefit from these kits in Oasis.

“We have been able to provide water filtration and storage kits for the entire community, making sure that 100% of this community can have access to safe drinking water.”

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