Running The Race For Links

June 16, 2023

We are SO grateful for our amazing fundraisers who recently ran the London Marathon for Links. Our runners have worked tirelessly to prepare and train for the incredible challenge that they completed. As well as the huge amount of physical work they put in, they have worked so hard to raise funds for us at the same time.

Here is what our runners have to say about their experience:

The London Marathon was always a bucket list event that I have tried to get into a few times with no success, so to finally get to run it was phenomenal. I am a little disappointed not to hit the £1000 mark in sponsorship but £850 in the current climate is not bad at all. 

Being involved in coaching and sports clubs I have heard so much about the atmosphere during the run and how you are almost certain to get a PB (personal best) because of it, so to actually do that was fantastic! The crowd was brilliant with signs such as "chafing your dreams", "GO random runner, GO!" and high 5ing countless children adds so much to it that even the persistent rain couldn't dampen the spirits. 

On a personal note, achieving a faster time 12 years after setting my previous best was a little surprising as training hadn't been ideal but I was more satisfied with how I ran it with consistent and even pacing the whole way around. My wife and children came up for the day and ran their own race, sprinting across London to see me at various points (which they managed successfully).

I am very thankful to the team at Links for letting me run.

Matt Jolly
What an incredible opportunity to be able to run the iconic London Marathon but what was even more incredible was to be able to raise money for Links Charity!

I have dedicated the last 4 months to training and raising funds for an event that is very different from what I am used to. Not only have I exceeded the amount I had hoped to raise but I have also achieved a personal best for a marathon distance.

I wouldn't have had this opportunity if it wasn't for Links Charity so I will be forever grateful and I will look back on the London Marathon with fond memories. I hope the money raised will go towards providing long term sustainable solutions and lasting change in the world we live in.

Sarah Jenkins

The local running club has a training course, teaching you how to go from a 5K race to a 10K race. That was how my running life took off, back in 2019. Before that I had only done a few ‘5K Parkruns’ on Saturday mornings. Running helps with fitness and weight loss. but improving our mental health is another big benefit. Things usually feel better after getting out of the house/office/factory and running for a few minutes. It does not have to be fast or far to achieve that feeling.

Four years later and I have now completed six marathons including the London Marathon, which took place on the April 23rd 2023.
Finish time = 3 hours and 40 minutes.
Runners are strange people - we moan about the hills, the rain, the heat, the distance... and then we go back and do it again!

A friend from my Running Club had supported Links at the London Marathon in 2022. That connection allowed me to get in touch and ask if there were any spaces available. Thankfully, there were... For a runner, the London Marathon is a special race. It is on a whole different scale to any other event I have participated in. The number of participants, the crowds, the location but, even more importantly, the number of volunteers who keep the day ticking along. There are teams of people guiding you from the Train Station to the Start Line, The Water Stops, The Finish Line and everything else in between.

Thank you LINKS for your support and allowing me to run in the London Marathon. I loved every minute!!

Ian Dickinson
I had the best experience and completed the course in 3 hours 30 minutes which I am super pleased with. Thank you so much for letting me run for the charity - it really was an honour.

Hannah Taylor

Ian, Sarah, Matt, Hannah and Chloe... THANK YOU! You are world changers and you are making such a difference around the world.

If you have been inspired by our amazing runners and their experiences, and would like the chance to take on the challenge yourself whilst raising money that will have a HUGE impact, then we have some exciting news for you...

We are currently taking applications for next year's London Marathon which will take place on April 21st 2024! 

Get in touch if you're interested in finding out more.

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