Training Time!

July 1, 2022

Recently, Sam and Joe have both had the opportunity to lead some online training.
This past month, Sam, our Africa Region Coordinator, had the opportunity to do an online session with 20 small organisations through the CRED foundation. Some of these partners are already known and are connected with Links in some way, but it offered a great time to talk about what Links is about and how sustainability runs through all that we aim to achieve with partners around the world. In a time of global instability finding ways to build in sustainability is key to any organisation being able to continue their work with the people groups and communities they serve.

Sustainability plays a key part in all our core areas at Links: Faith, Healthcare, Business, Education, and Justice.

Faith - we need strong and effective leaders to run with the vision for transformation

Healthcare - we need healthy communities that have accessible resources and knowledge.

Business - we need financial opportunity that can be revolving.

Education - we need understanding and mindsets changed that bring hope and action.

Justice - we need a wider view of the injustices that are limiting progress and potential.

On Saturday 25th July Joe was able to teach on international missions, for the Pioneer network of church's, discipleship training course, which is called DNA.

Joe shared on the subject of 'Practicing Resurrection - Creating a new world in the shell of the old!', laying out the theology that we follow in Links that international missions is an outworking of the restoration of the wholeness seen in the Genesis story of creation (See Genesis 1-3). As the fall brought brokenness to our relationship with God, one another, with our selves and ultimately with the earth, and in doing so caused spiritual, emotional, psychological, sociological, economic and ecological poverty, so too does the mission of Jesus, through his followers, bring everything back to it’s original design.

It was great to be able to explore together strategic, sustainable solutions to some of the tough questions that we face, when we look at how we can join together across the world to see lives changed and communities transformed.

Find out more about each of our core areas of work HERE.

Kilimanjaro Completed!

August 1, 2022

We are so proud of Joe, Sam and Dani for completing their Kilimanjaro Challenge - for all the training, fundraising, discipline and hard work that they put in to conquering the climb!

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Festival Fun

August 1, 2022

Carolina and Amy have just got back from Creation Fest in sunny Cornwall!

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Taking It Higher

July 29, 2022

Here is an update from our partner Moses from Abundant Life Ministries in Malawi.

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Never Thirst Again

June 30, 2022

Almost 800 million people in our world today still lack access to safe water. WE CAN CHANGE THIS!

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Creation Fest

June 30, 2022

We are super excited to be going to our first festival in a long time, this July!

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